Beyond Books

Effective learning goes beyond books, videos and presentations.

Young children are intrinsically motivated to learn. At BPS, we broaden the horizon of learning through real life experiences to connect with the outside world while still in school. Recognizing the breadth and depth of talents across age groups, BPS boasts of over 20 clubs and communities aimed at honing their artistic talents, athletic ambitions, fostering teamwork and leadership, and ultimately unleashing their infinite potential.

Our clubs and communities provide Bhartians a multisensory experience helping them develop curiosity that lasts a lifetime. The combination of books with these activities puts principles into practice and develops empathetic, confident and knowledgeable leaders of the 21st century!

Sports & Fitness

Sports play a therapeutic role in the physical fitness of a child contributing to the personal, emotional, physical, social, cultural and academic development. Our physical education routine includes cricket, basketball, athletics, gymnastics, power yoga and meditation, designed to strengthen the body, mind and soul.

STEM Society

The STEM Society conducts out-of-timetable sessions that enrich and broaden the curriculum, and explore subjects like science, technology, engineering and maths in less formal settings. This Society aims to expose K-12 students to learn, think and innovate through an inquiry-based learning model leading to increased awareness and exposure.

MUN & Mock Youth Parliament

Knowledge and articulation constitutes the core of all academic programs. At BPS, students receive opportunities to debate and discuss contemporary national and international issues through platforms like the Model United Nations (BPS MUN) and Mock Youth Parliament in an effective manner thereby inculcating leadership qualities and building confidence.

The Creatives Club

This club touches the recesses of every Bhartian, artistically, aesthetically and emotionally. Clubs such as the Dance, Theatre, Music, Creative Arts, Origami, Best-out-of-Waste warriors and the Literary clubs are collectively aimed at facilitating your child’s creative side and become a mindful leader with an attention to detail. The activities are limitless and our students are moulded with a lifelong appreciation for the arts.