Guidance & Counselling

Counselling for your Success

At BPS, we realize that every child is unique with varied interests, talent, characteristics and life experiences. We strive for an environment conducive for your child’s development, academically and emotionally. We strive to help each child become a better version of themselves. Your child’s journey at BPS will take him through stages of self-discovery, lifelong learning and foster relationships that last a lifetime.

Our close-knit army of teachers and counselors are committed towards providing support to Lower, Middle, and Upper School students. Virtual or in-person, our team aims to understand your child’s needs be it academic, co-curricular, or personal development across all age groups. Our team provides career and college guidance to students through tools, counselling, and university & alumni access and are happy to address concerns of parents and students, We look forward to partnering with families to ensure your child carries the penchant for learning and become a successful, contributing member of society.

Career counselling

Throughout your child’s journey at BPS, our college counselors nurture and advice students to navigate the ever-changing landscape of professions in India and abroad through self-assessment tools, university & alumni access.

Personalized Counselling

Our counselor, Mrs. Mala Khanna provides one-on-one counselling to students, parents & teachers to ensure student success and development in all facets of life.

360 Degree Life Coaching

We mentor, we guide, we care. Our principal, teachers & counselors ensure your child’s spiritual and emotional well being to reduce anxiety and inculcate values with a positive lasting impression on students.

Each Child is Special

Education goes beyond good grades. As the top school in East Delhi, we are passionate towards the growth and development of children with special needs. A Special Education Department has been formed to deliver inclusive education, develop a plan of action for children with special needs and collaborate with professionals in their respective fields to achieve this noble mission. This Special Education Department is an integral part of the school and works in consultation and collaboration with administrators, coordinators, counsellors and mainstream teachers.