Outdoor Education

The World is Your Classroom

With thousands of Middle and Upper School Bhartians embarking on Outdoor Education trips each academic year, the world becomes our canvas. Students experience field trips and group adventures as a vehicle for learning where they develop a deeper understanding of social responsibility towards society, conservation of the environment, and a sense of self.

Explore the World. Live your Dreams

Since its inception, Bhartians were exposed to endless opportunities of outdoor education and experiential learning. The stunning backdrops of experiential learning canvas keep changing, but exposure of young minds to nature’s lessons and key developments across industry verticals moulds student perspectives and ignites a lifelong sense of curiosity about the world.

Curiosity is sparked in the early years at BPS and with each subsequent year becoming more challenging, adventurous and rewarding than the last, Bhartians sharpen both their personal and outdoor competencies.

Our recent trips to engineering marvels in India, USA, and across Europe, juxtaposed against the urban and rural landscapes in India showcase the cultural, economic and ethnic diversity thereby fostering a sense of equity and inclusion.

Cricket exchange programs - England

Our Cricket program instructors are committed to enhancing your capacity to deliver on curriculum outcomes whilst getting Bhartians active and healthy. Incorporating sports during excursions and international visits aims to facilitate group dynamics, development of leadership abilities, motor and movement skills while exploring the world.

Pabitro Ghosh
An Upper School student

I took a trip to space agencies like NASA, USA to learn about the technology and training provided to astronaut trainees for Mars exploration missions. In the subsequent trip to ISRO, India watching the Live launch of ‘Mangalyaan’ gave me and my fellow classmates goosebumps and an unforgettable experience. I aspire to build rockets one day and these trips have fortified my dreams and brought me a step closer to realizing it.