Creative Arts

Art For All

Our students exhibit a strong artistic flair, be it dance, poetry, singing, writing, or playing musical instruments. The school is a melting pot of visual and performing artists. Our students learn to think creatively, explore and appreciate art and indulge in it through their early days. The opportunities are limitless and our students are moulded with a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Designed to complement BPS' academics, the visual and performing arts program engages students in a meaningful yet challenging manner. At all levels, teachers introduce students to materials and procedures enable each child's understanding of art in our culture through Mandala art, Warli paintings, Origami, and traditional musical instruments like the Sitar.


Throughout your child’s journey at BPS, our college counselors seek to nurture and advice students to navigate the ever-changing landscape of academics in India and abroad.

Visual Arts

BPS provides additional learning support to students looking to improve their grades and coach them on a variety of sports, athletics and co-curricular activities


We mentor, we guide, we care. Our mentors and counselors ensure your child’s emotional and mental well being to reduce confusion and stress while growing up

Art For A Cause

Besides self-expression and personal development, art is used to increase awareness and initiate societal change. Through field trips to local museums, conducting street plays, paintings and poems addressing the ongoing social issues within the country and beyond help our students think clearly and articulate creatively no matter their artistic skill. They also learn to critically introspect the work of peers and themselves and realize the impact of intentional artistic expression. This artistic flair helps our students develop an academic and co-curricular temper with a determination to succeed in the field of choice.

Mrs. Sarita Dheer
Theatre and Drama Department

Paint a portrait. Dance to Bollywood or Bhangra. Write poems or songs. Strum your guitar. Direct movies or write news articles. Anything artistic is possible at BPS. Personally, I love seeing our children develop as artists and as people. Our curriculum goes way beyond books and aims at your child’s holistic development through the lens of art.