Middle School

Learning Begins With Understanding Your Child’s Needs.

Our Middle School environment is one of self-discovery. It is a period of transition when students begin to discover themselves and their potential to take on the world. Our staff and programs leverage their enthusiasm at every turn, introducing students to exciting new ideas, experiences and perspectives.

Since our earliest days, academic excellence, development of character and self-discovery has served as the foundation of our Middle School program. These key tenets continue to help our Middle School students navigate these years of intellectual growth and emotional and physical change with confidence.

Our teachers understand that your child is unique. So they take the time to know each of our students, ensuring their unique needs are met. Students feel comfortable and confident contributing to classroom discussions setting a pathway for academic and co-curricular excellence.

Our Middle School years are a time of excitement, exploration and endless expansion both intellectually and emotionally.

Cultivating Strong Mind & Character.

BPS’s Middle School administration and faculty create a vibrant environment that fosters academic success and development in all areas of school life. We encourage students to work diligently, to do their best, and to respect all work done in this spirit. Our programs enhance confidence, curiosity, and the ability to communicate with accuracy and precision.

Time of Intellectual Expansion

Our Middle School environment is one of self-discovery. Encouraging new ideas, exposure to new courses, environments and realization of new talents help your child to develop a strong sense of self and of one’s place in the greater community. These years are a time of excitement, exploration and unprecedented expansion.

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