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Welcome to Bharti Public School!

Where knowledge comes to life. . .

Welcome to Bharti Public School!


The 2 outdoor basketball courts made of concrete are perfectly suited for young athletes.


Our full-sized synthetic volleyball courts provide an excellent exposure to the sport for budding players.


Our all-weather indoor cricket pitch & practice nets gives a sense of playing the sport on field.

Athletics Track

BPS has a 370 metre track at the sports complex, which is perfect for athletics.

Football Field

The BPSEA football field and training from experienced coaches trains students for national level competitions.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels power most parts of the school's green campus.

Vertical Gardens

Our vertical gardens with over 30 variety of air plants infuses clean and green energy into the campus.

Science Labs

The STEM Society boasts of physics, chemistry, biology and computer labs where theories come to life.


An all-season and spacious Amphitheatre takes education out of the four walls of a classroom.

The Thinking Spot

The school offers a quiet space for students who wish to indulge in deep thinking or meditation.


Students immerse themselves in books and supplementary learning materials like videos and presentations.


The multipurpose Auditorium provides a functional and versatile space for debates, assemblies, musicals, lectures and gatherings of all kinds.


  1. Basketball
  2. Volleyball
  3. Cricket
  4. Athletics Track
  5. Football Field
  6. Solar Panels
  7. Vertical Gardens
  8. Science Labs
  9. Amphitheatre
  10. The Thinking Spot
  11. Library
  12. Auditorium