Community Outreach

Service to Society as Service to Self.

Our students learn to live, breathe and implement BPS’ core values of Positivity, Resilience, Integrity, Determination and Empowerment each day of their academic and professional lives. In the school’s social outreach programs, our students learn about their Duty to Country, Duty to Community and Duty to Self. Since the 1940s, BPS sought to inculcate a sense of service among Bhartians regardless of their age, religion or gender. Our students, many of whom come from privileged backgrounds, learn that they belong to a realm of comfort and privilege and so extend a helping hand to those in need.

Community Outreach and Service activities are a part of most of our learning experiences and engagements. The outreach programs give full freedom and support to the students to initiate social service of their choice by leading awareness campaigns, visits to old age homes, orphanages, deaf & mute centers, eco-sustainability drives, cleanliness drives, etc. Our students learn early on, the importance of developing the spirit of giving back to society and reaching out to the less privileged and marginalized. Community Outreach activities aim to develop leadership, resilience, empathy and service-mindedness among students. Through taking action, students see how they can truly ‘make a difference’.

Service in Your Actions.

Our community outreach program aims to augment character and academic excellence alike. We empower students to make a difference and be the change. While these programs are not mandatory, Bhartians choose to actively engage in community service as it begets priceless rewards and inner satisfaction. Through community service, our students experience a sense of their personal capability and responsibility for improving the lives of others. Through community service, Bhartians experience a sense of capability and responsibility for being the change-makers of tomorrow. Once that candle of service and contribution is lit, it’s rarely extinguished. View pictures