Lower School

Young Minds, Infinite Potential

We welcome the youngest members of our community to BPS, to indulge in a learning thoughtfully designed with young children in mind.

Young children are intrinsically motivated to learn. They look at the world around them with wonder and a desire to understand all they experience. With over 40 years of experience, BPS has developed a curriculum centered towards holistic development of your child. Led by nurturing teachers in a small classroom setting, our curriculum will ignite curiosity and prepare for Middle School with their internal drive to learn intact.

Our students channel their innate energy by learning through doing, as well as exploring and engaging. BPS’s program is tailored to provide a strong learning foundation to young minds through hands-on, project-based activities, so essential during these formative years. They will discover diverse languages, plant gardens, wonder, paint landscapes, laugh, play ball, make friends, sing and dance, write stories, explore books, run, share ideas, use computers, imagine, take risks, count, treasure the environment, and meet their needs, intellectually and emotionally.

Curiosity That Lasts a Lifetime

The Lower School provides a small classroom setting where your child will be exposed to different ideas, cultures, experiences and spark a lifelong love of learning. The BPS Lower School curriculum will help your child develop strong foundational knowledge, learning skills, and personality traits to prepare them for success in school and beyond.

Value-based Learning

We prepare your child to be an empathetic leader for tomorrow. With an intentional focus on building character, our students live and breathe 5 Core Values of Positivity, Resilience, Integrity, Determination and Empowerment each day. Students are challenged academically, but they also learn to excel socially, ethically, physically and artistically and encourage others to follow you.

Teachers as Friends and Educators

At BPS, we believe that children learn best when nurtured with love and attention. Therefore, our skilled teachers foster an environment with an enriching curriculum, guidance and support, and create an atmosphere where your child can explore, discover, inquire, and learn.

Where Passion transforms into Action

Your child is unique. Your child possesses a combination of traits, skills and aptitude that defines him or her. The BPS community is a melting pot of personalities and provide an infinite playground to pursue their passions and convert into action.

See how Bhartians indulge in thoughtful learning that goes beyond academics to explore their infinite potential.