Tomorrow’ Leaders in the making!

With the current community strength of over 20,000; students coming from different strata of society unite under our roof to achieve one common goal - learn to achieve! Our world-class faculty prepares students for college and real life. In fact, life at BPS is real-life! Our students are encouraged to aim for holistic development that helps them evolve physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our student groups are open to everyone and offer a platform for like-minded students and faculty to connect through organizations like BPS MUN, Theatre, Dance, Elocution, etc. which collectively shapes your child's personality to produce a leader of the 21st Century.

Strong education, stronger character.

Preparing your child to be a leader is no easy task. A leader must be confident, yet empathetic; an eloquent orator but a good listener, and most importantly humane in his approach despite challenges. With an intentional focus on building character, our students live and breathe 5 Core Values of​ Positivity, Resilience, Integrity, Determination and ​Empowerment each day. Students are challenged academically, but they also learn to excel socially, ethically, physically, and artistically and encourage others to follow these values.